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Martin park community garden


The Garden's Location -

Phases I & II

    The garden, during it's first phase will be located in the lot at the rear of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 16100 Lawton.  In it's second phase it will include the lot to the north of the church just on the other side of the home shown in the rendering. 

Our Garden

     Our Project will begin by constructing a Pavillion.  The community made it clear, they want a place to gather, meet, learn, exercise, picnic, and just relax .   Our youth can showcase their talents,  we can host lecture series, art & music programming,  spoken word and poetry.  Our pavillion will also double as a rainwater catchment system for our garden.

     The area in front of the play area will be redesigned and add beauty to the neighborhood.   Raised planter boxes with seating is designed to accommodate volunteers of all ages and abilities to grow vegetables, fruit and flowers. 

   Beautiful, Safe, Fun,  and Therapeutic


Volunteer Opportunities

•Project Manager


         Organizing meetings

         Checking in with point people regularly 

•Fundraising Lead

•Volunteer Coordinator 


•Event planning

         Event support

•Contractor Liaison

•Maintenance Point PEOPLE





         Additional support

Let's Build

   With the groundwork laid by the renderings of Detroit Collaborative Design Center and the guidance of Detroit Future City, our Community Garden has it's best chance for success.  A committed volunteer force will build and sustain the vision of a community

Community Map_edited_edited.png

Contact uS Today:

We are building our list of volunteers.  Please contact us and let us know what area best fits your interest.  


Phone: 313.403.1999


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